Hosted by transportation enthusiast George Liu, this radio show explores the peculiar business of how people move. 


Car, bus, subway, bike, skateboard, foot, train, truck, plane.

Pick your mode, and navigate your city. Then, think about the ways that mobility options shape our everyday lives.

How do cities adapt to transportation technology, and what are leaders doing to make our cities move better


George Liu

reporter.  urban designer.  transportation planner.  human factors researcher. avid cyclist.  musician.


George Liu is jointly appointed as PhD researcher at University of Amsterdam and Eindhoven University of Technology as part of the Smart Cycling Futures project. He is a member of the Urban Cycling Institute at the University of Amsterdam and the Smart Urban Mobility program at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Previously, he studied human factors engineering at the University of Toronto, examining how searching for on-street parking affects driving performance. George holds a Master in Environmental Studies degree from York University, specializing in urban transportation planning, and an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and political science from the University of Toronto. 

Following his passion in bicycles and active transportation, George is worked with the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation in 2015 to pilot a Community Based Social Marketing program for active transportation within the Region of Peel, Canada. George has also worked at Research Manager at the Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank, where he lead a team of student researchers on a SSHRC funded collaborative research project. This SSHRC project is a partnership between leading professors at the University of Toronto, Simon Fraser University and McGill University, with the aim of identifying suitable areas for piloting cycling behaviour change programming in suburbs and small towns across Canada.

George Liu is the recipient of the Mary Lou Tanner 2014 Scholarship, intended to recognize a student member who is making an important contribution in the field of planning for healthy communities and active transportation—including the design of trails, roads and neighbourhoods that serve and encourage pedestrians, cyclists and transit users.

Parallel to his career as a transportation planner, George Liu is a musician and currently plays in the Philips Harmonie wind orchestra. From 2007-2016, George served in the Canadian Forces reserves as a bass trombonist with the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Band. As a musician, George has toured across numerous cities across Canada from Windsor, ON to Halifax, NS. During his summers with the Ceremonial Guard, George has participated in the “Changing of the Guard” ceremony on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, ON, and he has performed for dignitaries, royalty, and the general public.